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 Adron application

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PostSubject: Adron application   Tue May 27, 2014 1:34 pm

Name:  Adron

Link to SBEmu user profile:

Age:  43

Gender: male.

Where do you live:  Kansas City MO

What times do you play:  6-10 Central US

How long have you played SB:  since day 1. F.U. COS

Guilds you have been in:  DTM, Momentus Legion, whatever crass called the saedron irekei guild..

List of toons in game:  Syncamin, Pudge, Ufthu,Roseanne,Siouxie,Adronithor, lotsa misc toons with Ta'Kier on end.

Will you roll spec toons:  yes.

Do you have ventrilo, a mic, and willing to use it:  Yes.

Do you currently know someone in THC who will vouch for you:   Crassus, Vaniir, Cuda, AJ

Would you run a Trial run with THC members to see you on the field? yes.

Why do you want to join THC: Shadowbane is a lot more fun with highly competent people, and I remember you well from saedron... plus the maturity level is a relief.

Any extra comments to describe yourself (this may help your chances for approval):
Getting old and cranky.  I get about an hour of actual concentrated playtime a day, then usually set up some sort of afk leveling to catch up to everybody else.  Any ignored messages or resistance to join a roll of guards is just me not being at the keyboard.
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PostSubject: Re: Adron application   Tue May 27, 2014 3:31 pm

Ain't you already with us? I thought you came with crass and van and celic etc? I know I've talked to you before Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Adron application   Tue May 27, 2014 3:58 pm

added as nation member

The only ounce of power that i have is what i do with now and how i let the hours pass

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PostSubject: Re: Adron application   

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Adron application
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