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 ***Policies and Procedures*** Must Read

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PostSubject: ***Policies and Procedures*** Must Read   Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:25 pm

THC Policy

1. All THC members must respect one another in game and outside of it. Any conflicts should be addressed verbally and solved immediately before additional conflicts arise.
2. All THC members will respond to the chain of command. Constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome, but disobeying direct orders is absolutely forbidden.
3. None of THC members are allowed to "shit talk" any other player in the game, no matter how badly you beat them or they beat you. Ignoring people just makes them more furious and thus better achieves THC objectives.
4. All THC members are required to be in ventrilo during play, and a microphone is strongly recommended.
5. All guild meetings are mandatory as they are very infrequent. If you cannot make the guild meeting let an IC member know in advance and you will be excused.
6. We work as an organized group and that means listening is of extreme importance. Each one of our members needs to be at the top of his/her game.
7. When we are in battle or at an important bane/siege, seriousness is to be adopted by all THC members and will be strongly enforced.
8. All THC members must have a good sense of humor and a strong will. Most of our veteran members tend to poke fun and harrass other members with a spirit of comical intent. Members who are too uptight are quick to lash out and leave, or will be banished because of this.

THC is not about...

1. Zerging and/or fighting battles where we purposely outnumber our opponents.
2. Proving anything to anyone. We know we are better than the competition and have no need to prove it to anyone. It will be apparent through skill rather than words.
3. Griefing. Though we do sometimes use this tactic as a tool for weakening enemies physically and mentally, it is not the focus of THC to cause people to quit playing Shadowbane, or any game.
4. PvE. We will do PvE only when it is necessary but we do not purposely engage AI for fun.

If anyone is interested in a life with The Hate Crew, get involved. Sign up on our boards, try to get access to our ventrilo server, talk with some THC members, ask questions and learn more about us. Once we see that you are interested in what THC has to offer a serious player, we will recruit you in the style accustomed to Shadowbane.

Trial - Every member will be required to run a trial with our members, this will let us know about your game performance, and your aim towards the game and guild you applied for.
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***Policies and Procedures*** Must Read
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